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Wellington and the Peninsular War
Custom Tour Offerings

We like to offer everybody the tour that suits them best, but we also understand that making so may choices can be difficult.  Therefore, we offer for you consideration and modification, the following package tours.


The cost of custom tours varies depending on the kind of accommodations you require, number of days, and transportation choices.  Please contact for more information.


Tour Name


Suggested Duration

2013 200th Anniversay

The North of Spain and Pyrenees Campaign

Spain and France

10 Days (other options available)

Ongoing Offerings



Salamanca and Arapiles

2 Days


The Russian Campaign

Saint Petersburg/Moscow/Borodino
Presented in association with
FINE EVENTS, S,L.; specializing in exclusive, tailor-made events for discerning clients

6 Days

Wellington -Waterloo - Napoleon

England, Brussels and France

7 Days

The Portugal Campaigns


5-7 Days

Retreat to Corunna

Spain and Portugal

6 Days

Pyrenees Campaigns 4 - 6 days

Spain and France

4-6 Days

Spanish & Frontier Campaigns


6-8 Days

The Battle of Fuentes de Oņoro

Portugal and Spain

4 Days




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